Software Development

Your Needs

You need Information Technology to provide a competitive edge. However, you lack resources to build all the solutions yourself, or perhaps developing software applications is not your core competency. You must choose between loosing a business opportunity or to work with an outside vendor to help you develop software applications.

It took you years to develop the expertise in your field; how can you effectively communicate your needs to an outside contractor? Writing an effective specification is not an easy task. Understanding all your needs based on the specification is even harder. In reality, truly innovative tools can hardly be envisioned, much less described in details.

We Are Here to Help


We have years of experience building web applications for the connected business world. As an expert Ruby on Rails development firm, Prognosoft can help you launch your product in weeks.

To answer your needs, we create effective solutions with great velocity by:

Using our approach, you will witness innovation in real time, as the product takes shape and as you realize the full potential of the application.